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 Guangzhou Tianba Economic trading Co., Ltd., manage mainly the cosmetology apparatus, Complying with the trend of social culture, Cater to the beautiful and harmony spirit of the mankind, arise at the historic moment in August , 1989. We have followed the managing purpose that customer is highest, quality is first, dress up the life since we ran. We arrange widely with the industry and colleague, and select the essence, pursue the perfect, devoted to the remarkable.

    We establish firmly the concept of quality and speed、quality and benefit. introduce from the internal and external advanced product technology, constantly develop the new products, after trials and hardships of more than ten years, our market in the South stands towering like a mountain! There are new products that we develop constantly on the market: fengqing perm、laba perm、mala perm、yiren perm…… sell well at some country and district, such as south east Asia and Europe and America, and deeply obtain the good graces of the professional personage and the industry.